Stanley, Peter: Çanakkale conference reflections 2015

Stanley, Peter

Headphones, genocide and Fanta: reflections on the Çanakkale Gallipoli conference’, Honest History, 4 August 2015

This is an extended report of a major international conference held at Çanakkale, Turkey, in May 2015, with participants from many countries. The article discusses difficulties attending the organisation and progress of the conference and differing national approaches to the practice of history. The author, Honest History’s president, concludes:

Despite my reservations, frustrations and questions, my encounters with Turkish (and other international) colleagues make me think that these gatherings are worth persisting with but, ideally, only if the basis of the meeting is agreed beforehand and all parties then stick to their agreement. International conferences are worthwhile and Monash and Onsekiz Mart [universities] should be commended for making the effort, even if politics intervened to diminish the attempt. We should toast their resolve, optimism and vision, even if we do so with glasses of Fanta.


ÇANAKKALE-AFİŞ (640x439)Atatürk Araştırma Merkezi promotion for the conference


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