Schultz, Julianne, Anne Tiernan, et al.: Fixing the system

Schultz, Julianne, Anne Tiernan, et al.

Fixing the system‘, Griffith Review, 51, January 2016, available online to subscribers

Collection of nearly thirty essays on how to foster ‘a society that really works’. Authors include the editors, Carmen Lawrence, Chris Wallace, Patrick Weller, Martin Parkinson, Julian Burnside, Dawn Casey and Murray Bail.

GR 51 is reviewed for Honest History by David Stephens, who concludes: ‘For intelligent, well-written quarterly commentary, … Griffith Review remains the gold standard, cohering around simple but robust themes, handsomely produced with a minimum of editorial clangers’. There have been extracts in The Conversation and Guardian Australia and editor Tiernan spoke on The Drum. Another review in Fairfax by HH vice president Alison Broinowski.




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