Rose, Deborah Bird & Richard Davis, ed.: Dislocating

Rose, Deborah Bird & Richard Davis, ed.

Dislocating the Frontier: Essaying the Mystique of the Outback, ANU E Press, Canberra, 2006 (free formats and print on demand)

The frontier is one of the most pervasive concepts underlying the production of national identity in Australia. Recently it has become a highly contested domain in which visions of nationhood are argued out through analysis of frontier conflict.

Dislocating the Frontier departs from this contestation and takes a critical approach to the frontier imagination in Australia. The authors of this book work with frontier theory in comparative and unsettling modes. The essays reveal diverse aspects of frontier images and dreams – as manifested in performance, decolonising domains, language, and cross-cultural encounters.

Dislocating the Frontier takes readers beyond the notion of a progressive or disastrous frontier to a more radical rethinking of the frontier imagination itself. (blurb)

The articles cover landscape and place, nostalgia and pastoralist memory, water, science, Aboriginals, rodeos and comparisons with Canada.

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