Researchers wanted for work on repatriation files

University of Melbourne Professor, Janet McCalman, is wrangling an important research project on the repatriation records of the First AIF. She talked about the project to Geraldine Doogue on the ABC.

Called Diggers to Veterans: Risk, Resilience and Recovery in the First AIF, the project will use released service records to look at how service people coped with the stresses of war and afterwards, including such issues as whether their social class affected their resilience and whether men affected by constant artillery barrages on the Western Front suffered psychologically and neurologically. There is also great interest in looking at the impacts of the post-war influenza pandemic. Some of the research will have relevance to today’s servicemen and women.

The project needs two types of researchers, first, people who are good at genealogical research, using tools like Trove and, secondly, retired doctors who have the expertise to detect patterns and causal factors in medical records. The project guarantees camaraderie and a sense of achievement. Further details can be gleaned – and contact made – via the project’s Facebook page (‘Diggers to Veterans’) or to Janet McCalman at The work is being funded by the Australian Research Council.

17 August 2015