Rees, Anne: How women historians smashed the glass ceiling

Rees, Anne

How women historians smashed the glass ceiling‘, The Conversation, 19 October 2016

Since the 1970s, the [history] profession has become conspicuous for the number of women in its ranks and the widespread acceptance of feminist scholarship. Compared to both the male-dominated STEM disciplines, and other social sciences like philosophy and political science, Australian history has been remarkably feminised.

The article looks at statistics for women in papers presented, articles published, research funding, and leadership positions and draws some conclusions about the ‘feminisation’ of the history profession in Australia, including by comparison with overseas, and the ‘mainstreaming of gender’ as a subject of study.

Honest History notes that 17 of its 32 distinguished supporters are women and nine out of 19 of the contributors to the Honest History book are women.


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