Recently on the Honest History website (13 June 2017)

We launched the Honest History website in November 2013. At that time we had about 600 posts on the site. In June 2017, we have more than 2500 posts on the site and most of those posts include links to other material. We see ourselves as information brokers – linking particularly to stuff that students and the general reader might miss – as well as creators and editors of original material.

If you missed some of our recent posts, here is a sample of subjects covered since 15 May, taken from under our ‘Top recent posts’ thumbnail:

  • Australian art of the 1990s and Indigenous art that defied Empire;
  • foreign policy, the Anglosphere, ‘Australian values’, radicalism;
  • wartime home fronts, including internment of suspicious people (try it again, some people say), soldiers’ welcomes and farewells as a recruiting tool, a Christmas card sent home in 1915, and commemorative lessons from US Memorial Day;
  • Menzies’ Forgotten People, Indigenous recognition or Treaty, Indigenous war service struggles into the light, votes for women, Chifley’s go at bank nationalisation, inequality and the Australian rich list;
  • historical views of Australians’ alcohol and drug habits, beef versus chicken as a main course, obesity as a policy priority, renewables ditto; and
  • the ties of Tim Fischer, queer culture in Kings Cross in the 1940s, biodiversity in the caves of Naracoorte, and Australian convict pirates in Japan in the 1830s (there is no connection between these subjects but they were all interesting yarns).

As it says on the front of The Honest History Book, ‘Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been’.