Recently on the Honest History site (11 October 2016)

The Honest History site continually tries to source significant material within our areas of interest and to post links accordingly. (We also commission lots of original material.) If readers need to know more about what our areas of interest are, then check them out at Themes. Here is a sample of recent material from under our Top Recent Posts thumbnail:

  • Reviews of the movies Snowden and Down Under, of the television program by John Howard on Robert Menzies, of books about the cricketer Victor Trumper, the author Paul Brickhill, and the maps of the Great War.
  • Two collections of material from the Pearls and Irritations blog on foreign and defence policy, CEO remuneration, electricity in South Australia and other subjects.
  • A collection of links to photographic collections on our site.
  • Another collection about life in Australia’s cities and suburbs.
  • Some maiden speeches from federal Parliament.
  • Plus items on immigration, banking profits and the labour movement.

11 October 2016