Pearls and Irritations an antidote to Main Stream Media: asylum seekers, SA outage, submarines, CEO remuneration and other matters

John Menadue’s blog Pearls and Irritations continues to canvass a wide range of issues with a large collection of writers and usually from a different angle than is occupied by the remains of the Main Stream Media. In the latest posts column as of today, there are pieces by Hugh Mackay, Tony Kevin and Menadue on asylum seekers, Giles Parkinson and Menadue on the great South Australian blackout and aspects of renewable energy, Jon Stanford on the submarine project (the lovely word ‘boondoggle’ appears), Graeme Orr on political finance, Julie Walker and Natalia Nikolova et al on CEO remuneration, plus Mungo McCallum on politics, Stephen Fitzgerald and John Fitzgerald on China, plus articles on school funding, the Americanisation of Australia, urban transport and fibre optics.

John Menadue is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Honest History’s David Stephens and Alison Broinowski write occasionally for Pearls and Irritations.

6 October 2016