Noone, Richard: Leaping to false idea on Anzacs

Richard Noone

Leaping to false idea on Anzacs‘, Daily Telegraph, 27 March 2012

Vox pop, including diverse comments from non-Anglo-Celtic Australians about the importance of Anzac Day. (The Colmar Brunton report suggested, among other things, that the Anzac Day centenary might be divisive among ethnic Australians.) An Australian of Japanese descent felt intimidated on Anzac Day but others understood the significance of the day.

Speaking from Seoul, Prime Minister Gillard said she ‘completely’ disagreed with the conclusions of the report and added, ‘When you see that kind of enthusiasm by our youngest Australians for commemorating Anzac Day and for what it means for them, then I think we can say as a nation it’s an important part of our national identity’. See also here which also quotes New South Wales Premier O’Farrell.

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