New Morrison Ministry List available: 6 February 2020 edition

Following the most recent ministerial reshuffle, and last year’s changed portfolio arrangements (not due to take effect till now), a new Ministry List has been published and is available here.

It has always been the ambition of the compilers of this list to get all the information onto one page and they have succeeded again (just) by dint of what seems like smaller font and reduced margins top and bottom.

The squeezing up is made necessary by the number of Ministers and Assistant Ministers who appear in more than one portfolio (and simply by the sheer number of members of the Ministry). For example, Andrew Gee MP has two ministerial titles (jobs) and appears in three portfolios, Alex Hawke MP two titles and two portfolios, and some people, like Senator Colbeck and Michael Sukkar MP, have two titles but they are both in the same portfolio. David Littleproud has but one title but appears in two portfolios.

Browse the list and you’ll get the idea – possibly. Then compare it with the Administrative Arrangements Order, which tells what Ministers do, and you may be confused again.

Of the Ministers in whom Honest History takes an interest, Darren Chester MP is into Cabinet as Minister for Veterans’ Affairs (the designation was simply Minister for Veterans from May) and Minister for Defence Personnel, and Sussan Ley MP is Minister for the Environment. Ms Ley will have to deal at some point with the controlled action regarding the War Memorial extension.

12 February 2020