Morris, Shireen: The Uluru Statement from the Heart: why I have hope

Shireen Morris

The Uluru Statement from the Heart: why I have hope‘, Legal Affairs (University of Melbourne), 19 July 2018

The Uluru Statement created a massive political opportunity that is not going away. The opportunity remains alive and growing – waiting for smart political leaders with the moral courage, strategic intelligence and vision to seize it. Those who seize it will make history. This is a proposal – the only proposal – that can win a recognition referendum …

The Uluru Statement still represents the best chance the country has ever had, and will ever have, at meaningfully reforming the constitutional relationship between Indigenous peoples and the colonising state. Some of the hardest pre-requisites have already been met.

Foreshadows arguments in the author’s book, Radical Heart, launched this week. For other material on the Uluru Statement, use our Search engine. Gabrielle Appleby in Inside Story detects further progress.

26 July 2018 updated

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