Minister approves Memorial project under heritage legislation – with some caveats

The Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley, has approved the $498m War Memorial redevelopment. There are 29 conditions of approval claimed to minimise and mitigate the residual impacts on the site’s National Heritage and Commonwealth Heritage values. The Memorial will have to prepare a Heritage Impact Assessment of the final design for the Minister’s approval to ensure the site’s heritage values continue to be protected.

The conditions are mostly related to matters of detail. Anzac Hall is still to be destroyed. Details of the Minister’s decision (filter by referral number 2019/8574).

Media commentary, including comments from Heritage Guardians and the Australian Institute of Architects: Australian Financial Review, Canberra Times, The Mandarin. The Riot Act. Canberra Times pdf from our subscription. Fin Review pdf from our subscription. Minister Chester media release. ABC. ABC Canberra TV News (from mark 8.0). The Riot Act again, with extensive quotes from Heritage Guardians.

Approvals from the parliamentary Public Works Committee (PWC) and the National Capital Authority are still required. The PWC report is expected to be tabled in the Parliament in February.

Heritage Guardians campaign diary links to posts in the Heritage Guardians campaign over nearly two years.

David Stephens

11 December 2020 updated

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