Michaels, Wendy: NSW Parliamentary Trailblazers: A Fit Place for Women?

Wendy Michaels

NSW parliamentary trailblazers: a fit place for women?Vida! Australian Women’s History Network, 9 February 2017

Mentions women in the NSW Parliament over the last century and links to an exhibition in the NSW Parliament. The review is critical of some aspects of the exhibition. It notes that there is still over-representation of men in the Parliament and leaves this question hanging:

A decade ago, the newly elected member for Goulburn, Pru Goward commented she had ‘never worked in any profession as male dominated or as ruthlessly sexist’ as the New South Wales Parliament. Has this changed? In recommending the Exhibition to visitors, the Speaker, the Hon Shelley Hancock MP, praises the efforts of the women who forged the path into politics and comments that today’s women ‘continue to overcome the obstacles set along the corridors of power’. The visitor must surely ask: Why are the obstacles still there? Is parliament still not a fit place for women?

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