Mendelssohn, Joanna: Defying Empire: the legacy of 1967

Joanna Mendelssohn

Defying Empire: the legacy of 1967‘, The Conversation, 26 May 2017

Review of National Gallery of Australia exhibition on till 10 September. ‘Curator Tina Baum has woven a narrative and an argument around the legacy of that remarkable act of national unity when 90.77% of Australians voted to include Aboriginal people in the census, and to enable laws to be made on their behalf.’

Stolen Children is a strong theme through the exhibition, as are mass killings during colonial times, but ‘the central curatorial concern’ is ‘how to show the complexities and the unities of an Indigenous culture that crosses both geography and generations, that deals with loss and redemption, that recognises the continuing intermingling of blood in what might be eight generations of colonisation, and yet never loses identity’.

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