Marshall, Daniel: Does Australia need a Queer History month?

Marshall, Daniel

Does Australia need a Queer History month?The Conversation, 3 March 2016

In the wake of the Safe Schools controversy and just after the NSW Parliament and NSW Police apologise for the treatment of Gay and Lesbian marchers in 1978, the author asks ‘what schooling might look like if LGBTI matters weren’t only discussed in relation to health, but in terms of history and culture as well. Perceptions and experiences of sexuality and gender are much broader than health.’

He points out that the current fuss over Safe Schools springs from a long history of anxiety in this area. He says LGBTIhistories are rich and fascinating, and part of the Australian story’.

The history taught in schools is often one which only appears to include heterosexual people, and when sexuality and gender difference is discussed it is often only in terms of health. An LGBTI or queer history month would draw attention to these things.

More than this, a Queer History Month could help teachers, young people, parents and communities work together to share ideas about how these issues could be addressed.


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