Marshall, Colin: Download 180 000 images from New York Public Library

Marshall, Colin

The New York Public Library lets you download 180,000 images in High Resolution: historic photographs, maps, letters & more‘, Open Culture, 7 January 2016

At a time when far too many online resources are still littered with the notation ‘All Rights Reserved’ this is a welcome initiative from the NYPL. ‘This week, The New York Public Library (NYPL) announced not only that their digital collection now contains over 180,000 items, but that they’ve made it possible, “no permission required, no hoops to jump through,” to download and use high-resolution images of all of them.’ Should be more of it: few of these resources will be directly relevant to Australian history but the precedents have been noted. No hoops, eh?

The article concludes with links to resources of theatre ephemera, restaurant menus, maps and images.  Apparently all of them are free to download and remix and each of them seem to link to more resources with similar conditions.


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