Manne, Menadue and Newton: distinguished supporters of Honest History

Honest History is pleased to welcome to its list of distinguished supporters Robert Manne, John Menadue and Douglas Newton.

Robert Manne is Emeritus Professor of Politics and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at La Trobe University, Melbourne. He has written and edited many books and articles and was once voted Australia’s leading public intellectual. In 2014 he conducted a lengthy interview with the late Malcolm Fraser.

John Menadue AO was Gough Whitlam’s private secretary, the head of four Commonwealth public service departments and of QANTAS, Ambassador to Japan, and founder of New Matilda website and the Centre for Policy Development. His blog is Pearls and Irritations.

Douglas Newton is a former Associate Professor of History at the University of Western Sydney, a specialist in European History, who has recently brought out two highly regarded books on the commencement of World War I, Hell-bent and The Darkest Days.

Honest History’s distinguished supporters are listed on our site. Where individuals or associations are described publicly as ‘supporters’ of Honest History they have agreed to be so described.

31 March 2015