Macintyre, Stuart & Sean Scalmer, ed.: What if?

Macintyre, Stuart & Sean Scalmer, ed.

What If? Australian History As It Might Have Been, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Vic., 2006

Providing a play on actual historical events versus possible ones, this fascinating volume asks leading Australian historians to wonder what might be if key episodes in Australia’s past had turned out differently. Re-imagining Australia’s environment, race relations, art, political life, and national identity, this title poses such questions as “What if France had colonized part of Australia in the 18th century?” “What if the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps had played only a minor role in the Gallipoli landing in World War I?” and “What if Aborigines had been granted citizenship much earlier?” (blurb)

Authors include Ann Curthoys, Jim Davidson, Helen Irving, Marilyn Lake and James Walter. A review is here.

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