Lockhart, Greg: Weaving of Worlds: a Day on Île d’Yeu

Greg Lockhart

Weaving of Worlds: a Day on Île d’Yeu, Reading Sideways Press, Leiden, Netherlands, 2022

I am visiting France from Australia this European summer with my wife Monique. Dominique Turbé and his wife also named Dominique Turbé, née Deschamps, whom we have known for many years, now live in the village of Le Temple de Bretagne near Nantes. We are visiting them from Paris with Monique’s sister Edith. I suggested a day excursion to the island. Dominique has family links with the old fishing community on the island, and I am mildly curious about the place to which, in 1945, the French state exiled Marshal Pétain, the former President of the Vichy Regime. (author)

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