Latham, Mark: From the Suburbs

Mark Latham

From the Suburbs: Building a Nation from our Neighbourhoods, Pluto Press, Annandale, NSW, 2003

Written before the author became the Leader, then the former Leader of the Labor Party. Beyond its political prescriptions, it is an expression of views from an area of Australia, Western Sydney, which has its own special characteristics, and an era of our history, the turn of the 21st century, which may be past or may come again in some form.

As a party of housoes, unionists and working-class activists, we are more representative of the suburbs and regions than any other political organisation. We are a party of outsiders, Australia’s oldest expression of anti-establishment politics. Only Labor will give the outsiders, the people in the great suburbs and towns of this country, a fair go. Only Labor will challenge the new political correctness and the Liberal elites it seeks to protect. (p. 139)

A 2004 review by a Marxist is here.

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