Lake, Meredith: The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History

Meredith Lake

The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History, NewSouth, Sydney, 2018

In this surprising and revelatory history of the Bible in Australia, Meredith Lake gets under the skin of a text that’s been read, wrestled with, preached and tattooed, and believed to be everything from a resented imposition to the very Word of God.The Bible in Australia explores how in the hands of Bible-bashers, immigrants, suffragists, evangelists, unionists, writers, artists and Indigenous Australians, the Bible has played a contested but defining role in this country. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Douglas Hynd. Reviews in Fairfax, Australian Book Review (paywall), The Australian.  An extract. The author writes for The Conversation. The book won the Australian History award at the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.


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