Jupp, James, et al, ed.: Social cohesion

Jupp, James, John Nieuwenhuysen & Emma Dawson, ed.

Social Cohesion in Australia, Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne, Vic., 2007

Australia’s reputation as a successful large scale immigrant-receiving nation is well formed. In the latest wave, not only have millions of diverse people arrived in the post-war period from 1945 to a growing, high income, good employment economy; but the society absorbing them has remained stable and cohesive. This is not to say that it has been entirely plain sailing sensitive debate, isolated interethnic violence, and the degree of migrant ghettoisation have been prominent, though varying in intensity over time. But overall, the planned program of immigration and settlement by Australia’s governments over the years has been successful. This volume examines key elements of the means by which social cohesion can be constructively sought in Australia. (blurb)

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