Jones, Tony, et al: Anzac Day special: Anzac Day 2010

Tony Jones, et al

Anzac Day special‘, ABC Q & A, 26 April 2010 (video, transcript, questions, summary, biodata of panellists)

Panellists were Germaine Greer, General Peter Cosgrove, Peter FitzSimons, Brigadier Alison Creagh and Professor Henry Reynolds, with Tony Jones. The program came just after the release of What’s Wrong with Anzac? jointly authored by Professor Reynolds.

Among the issues discussed were whether the Anzac legend is still relevant, whether commemoration of it might cease with the centenary, whether there was an Anzac myth underpinning to the xenophobia associated with the Cronulla riots of 2005, whether ‘mateship’ is uniquely Australian, whether CEW Bean censored himself, whether the Anzac story should be allowed to eclipse the 60 years of nation building that preceded it, and what were the impacts on the developing attitudes of young people from an allegedly militarised presentation of Australian history by government.

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