Jauncey, LC: The Story of Conscription in Australia

LC Jauncey

The Story of Conscription in Australia, Macmillan of Australia, South Melbourne, Vic., 1968; first published 1935

There has not been as detailed an account of the World War I conscription battles since this book was written. This edition has a foreword by Patrick O’Farrell, who argues that Jauncey’s bias towards the anti-conscription case leads him to gloss over the ‘depth and complexity’ of the conscription battle and the way it became the focal point for other divisions, within the labour movement, between Protestants and Catholics, particularly over the Irish Question, and in the broader society of 1916-17.

There is a 1936 review here by FW Eggleston. Janine Rizzetti in 2017 discovers and discusses the book.

Jauncey lends his name to the blog section of this website, now archived. These posts contain much information about Jauncey and his family.

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