Jackson, Andra: The lasting legacy of the Vietnam Moratorium

Andra Jackson

The lasting legacy of the Vietnam Moratorium‘, Eureka Street, 8 May 2020

An appropriate marking of the 5oth anniversary of the Moratorium demonstration in Melbourne’s Bourke Street, by someone who was there (as was the author of this note).

The Vietnam Moratorium in Melbourne was one of the most momentous events to occur in Australia in the post world war two era. It led to a seismic shift not only in Australian politics but also within society. The moratorium, held fifty years ago today, was a historic achievement in how it united diverse groups behind the goal of ending Australia’s role in the Vietnam war.

In this connection, note that the Addison Road community organisation in Sydney is looking for Moratorium and related artefacts and relics, for an online exhibition. Contact Mina programs@addiroad.org.au for how to be involved.

Our site has lots of material on the Vietnam War. Just use our Search engine with term ‘Vietnam’.

David Stephens

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