Irving, Terry: Southern tree of liberty

Irving, Terry

The Southern Tree of Liberty: The Democratic Movement in New South Wales before 1856, The Federation Press, Annandale, NSW, 2006

Publication marking the sesquicentary of responsible government in New South Wales. Describes Charles Harpur, poet of liberty, Johann Lhotsky, Austrian revolutionary, Ben Sutherland, upholsterer and editor, William Duncan, Henry Macdermott and Edward Hawksley, radicals all, the networks they developed (such as the Australian Patriotic Association, the Mutual Protection Association and the Political Association) and the campaigns they pursued in support of self-government.

Considers the role of radical intellectuals, street crowds, mobilised workers, newspapers and public meetings, the resistance of landed elites, and the awareness of the events of 1848 in Europe. There are appendices with names of activists. Google extracts are here and a review is here. A more expensive review is here. Book notes on publications associated with the NSW self-government sesquicentary are here.

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