Horrocks, Lucinda: Memories of war: A film and research project in Ballarat

Horrocks, Lucinda

Memories of war: A film and research project in Ballarat‘, Honest History, 8 August 2016

Hearing about this Ballarat project, Honest History agreed with producer Lucinda Horrocks that she should describe what the project set out to do, what surprises came of it, what were the views of the participants about the relevance of World War I and Anzac today, and was the story just about the exploits and fate of blokes in khaki or more than that?

‘The film is evocative, contemporary and ambiguous’, says Horrocks. You can watch the film in full and read more about the project here.

The Memories of War project was a collaboration between the RSL Ballarat, Federation University Australia, the Gold Museum, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka and Wind & Sky Productions. The project was funded by the Australian Government Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program and the Victorian Government Anzac Centenary Major Grants Program.

Lucinda Horrocks is a documentary film producer and the co-founder of Wind & Sky Productions. She is based in Ballarat.

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