Honest History questions answered

Honest History is anticipating that 2015 will be a significant year, due to the ‘centenary of Anzac’; it is eager to take part in the continuing conversation that is Australian history. While Honest History promotes dialogue and discussion in all areas of Australian history and seeks to foster a responsible attitude to our relationship with the past in general, we recognise that the current anniversaries of the Great War are focussing public attention on the events of 1914-18 and especially on how they are remembered and interpreted.

Does Honest History have members?

Technically, yes, but only in a limited sense. Our committee and our Webmaster are members of Honest History Incorporated, an incorporated association under A.C.T. law, but there is no ‘mass membership’. The best ways to show support for Honest History are:

  • donate (see below);
  • join our email list for our monthly newsletter, providing advice of updates to the website (subscribe from our home page);
  • sign up for the RSS feed of ‘real-time’ site updates (link from our home page);
  • comment on articles on the site, using the ‘Open for comments’ facility;
  • advise us (admin@honesthistory.net.au or Webmaster via link on bottom right of every page) of broken links, clangers, errors, omissions, and useful sources that we really should include;
  • tell your friends and associates about the site, using Facebook, Twitter, and any other means of communication (there is a sharing facility on most pages of the site);
  • write for us (pitch to admin@honesthistory.net.au).

More about Honest History’s history, objectives and distinguished supporters.

Does Honest History provide speakers for schools and groups?

Yes. Honest History speakers can be available to give talks, workshops or presentations, or to take part in discussions and forums. We will try to match speakers to events in their local area as much as possible. Speakers will not usually seek a speaker’s fee individually but will appreciate a donation, where possible, to support Honest History. (This could help defray our modest travel costs.) We have done more than twenty gigs in the last 15 months at schools, groups, conferences and Anzac services, with more coming up. We can negotiate topics within the broad range of interests on our website.

Does Honest History need money?

Yes. Always. Our website and our other activities are run entirely by volunteer labour. We run on a shoestring and the smell of an oily rag but we always appreciate donations to cover expenses like website hosting, domain name, printing and travel. Donations are not (yet) tax deductible but (resources permitting) we will investigate whether deductibility is possible. Meanwhile, please consider a donation. Donate.

3 February 2015