Honest History E-newsletter No. 48, 30 November 2017

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Banking Royal Commissions: a look back at the 1935-37 model

The second First Lady, the pretend colonel, and the dogs of Ottawa: some alternative decision-making scenarios for heads of state

The Australian War Memorial is still doing well out of arms manufacturers – how well, we don’t quite know

Faulty abacus? DVA and the cost of commemoration: David Stephens runs some numbers

Were they all really sleepwalking? John Moses translates Heinrich August Winkler’s major 2014 review in German of Christopher Clark’s The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914

The Wisdom of Oz: Australian Aphorisms from the Profound to the Profane: review by Amanda Laugesen

Aussie Generals Monash and Chauvel win the Great War: Roland Perry’s ripping military yarn reviewed by Derek Abbott; Oi, Oi, Oi!

An overseas visitor saga from long ago: the late Professor Geoffrey Bolton on the Max Gluckman Affair of 1960

Give Peace a Chance: a YouTube video on Vietnam War protesters from 4th year History student, Claudia Farhart from the University of Queensland

Nobel Peace Prize win to be marked in Canberra

Cornering posterity: Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive is a way in to a breathtaking amount of information

Plus, also posted during November: non-Main Stream Media views of the Foreign Policy White Paper; Frank Bongiorno on historical constructions of knowledge (for teachers and students); Matthew McCormack on why historians should Tweet; Graeme Davison on family, locality and communityJeff Glover on why Peter FitzSimons annoys him; a paradoxical new painting at the War Memorial; Divided sunburnt country nos 29 and 30 on conscription and Bolshevism; Simon Jenkins of the Guardian on forgetting Remembrance Day

Centenary Watch

Centenaries worth commemorating. National History Challenge. Arms and the Memorial. Counting the cost of commemoration. Happy Birthday, Winston!

Whizzbang of the month

‘Our forefathers were all great liars. They lied about the lands they selected and the cattle they owned. They lied about their backgrounds and the parentage of their wives. However it is their first lie that is the most impressive for being so monumental, i.e., that the continent, at the time of first settlement, was said to be occupied but not cultivated and by that simple device they were able to give the legal owners short shrift and, when they objected, to use the musket or poison flour, and to do so with a clear conscience. It is in the context of this great foundation stone that we must begin our study of Australian history.’ Fictitious historian, MV Anderson, quoted in Peter Carey, Illywhacker (1985)\

December-January arrangements for Honest History

In line with Australian custom, Honest History is taking it relatively easy for the next couple of months. We will be doing some website maintenance, perhaps posting some ‘from the archives’ items and, all being well, returning with newsletter No. 49 around the end of January. All the best to our loyal readers.

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