Honest History as ‘loony mates’

In a letter to the editor of the Northern Territory News on 13 November 2013, David Sanderson of Humpty Doo (NT) attacks ‘Professor Joan Beaumont and her loony mates of the group Honest History’ for asserting that Australians do not really support Anzac and Remembrance Days for altruistic values but just love commemorating anything.

Sanderson says ‘a claim that Anzac has been “politicised” since its official inception in 1916 as a national day of remembrance is dumb and unsupported by the facts’.

Since a goal of Honest History is to encourage public discussion of these issues, we quoted Mr Sanderson’s letter in full in a post to the Honest History Forum (now closed). Comment is welcome through our normal Comments facility.

27 November 2013