Hochman, Zvi, David L. Gobbett & Heidi Horan: Changing climate has stalled Australian wheat yields: study

Zvi Hochman, David L. Gobbett & Heidi Horan

Changing climate has stalled Australian wheat yields: study‘, The Conversation, 25 January 2017

In this article, CSIRO researchers take a historical view of Australian wheat yields, concentrating particularly on the years since 1990. The article looks at the impact of rising temperatures and falling rainfall and the counter-effects of improved technology and better cropping practices. There is a lively debate in the comments section. There is a link to more detailed research (paywall).

Rebecca Jones of the ANU has a chapter in The Honest History Book (forthcoming April) which, among other things, looks at the effects of climate on wheat yields during the earlier part of the last century.

See also this piece in The Conversation by Perkins-Kirkpatrick, King and Hale on how climate change doubled the chances of the recent heatwave in New South Wales.



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