Historian Clare Wright’s Canberra appearances, 17 October and 8 November

You Daughters of Freedom, a new book by distinguished historian Clare Wright, is to be published shortly by Text. Subtitled The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World, the book describes the struggle in the years 1902 to 1912 by five Australian women pioneers of female suffrage.

Clare Wright is giving the Dymphna Clark Lecture for Manning Clark House at 7.00 pm on Wednesday, 17 October, at ANU. She will talk about her book, describing ‘a time when Australian democracy was the envy of the world – and the standard bearer for progress in a shining new century’. The Great War soon followed, however, and the stories of Australia pre-1914 have been overshadowed by the memory of 1914-18.

Clare Wright will be back in Canberra on Thursday, 8 November, as part of the Honest History Symposium, where she will be in conversation with Paul Daley, journalist and author, and Frank Bongiorno, Honest History President and Head of the School of History at ANU. Clare Wright and Paul Daley are distinguished supporters of Honest History.

23 September 2018