Green, Jonathan, Paul Daley & Clare Wright: Imagine Australia without Anzacs

Jonathan Green, Paul Daley & Clare Wright

Imagine Australia without Anzacs‘, ABC Sunday Extra, 21 April 2013 (audio, no transcript)

Paul Daley and Clare Wright talk with Jonathan Green and try to imagine Australia without the Anzac legend. Who would we be without it? What would be our defining national moments? And how might we be a different place as a result? Unravels some other strands of our past.

The speakers suggest among other things that Anzac needs to be more inclusive, that we need to know more of the stories behind the death statistics, and to know more of events on the home front. Gallipoli needs a context and its context is the generation of reform before it and the shattered lives and families after it. Also the conscription debates that violently divided the country. Anzac has been deeply politicised in the recent past.

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