Gray, Don: Australian military and Anzac

Gray, Don

The Australian military and Anzac‘, Honest History, 17 May 2015

Former soldier, Don Gray, makes some points about commercialisation of Anzac, Anzac Day sport, the reasons soldiers serve and the entitlements they should expect.

The next area I wish to address is the less than honest – and the unethical – linking of military service with extraordinary claims for benefits. A favourite excuse trotted out regularly by advocates seeking to obtain a benefit for themselves or others at the expense of their fellow Australians is that, because they served in the military or saw active service, they are entitled to a benefit above and beyond others in the community. When challenged, they automatically accuse the other party of disloyalty or that it was the military person who “sacrificed” themselves for those who stayed at home and therefore is entitled to everything on a wish list of extra benefits.

Don Gray spent 12 years in the Army during the Vietnam era, followed by three years in the Army Reserve and 30 years as a Commonwealth public servant. His father, George, served in World War II and was ALP member for the federal seat of Capricornia, 1961-67. The article was reprinted on the UK website No Glory in War.

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