Going deep into international taxation: these issues have been around for a long time

Many readers (and viewers) will have been following the recent publicity about the large companies who avoid paying much tax – or, in some cases, any tax. Most recently, Labor frontbencher, Andrew Leigh, weighed in, and before him there were, among others, Jessica Irvine in Fairfax and Paul Karp in Guardian Australia. The full Australian Taxation Office data set can be inspected.

There was a Four Corners program on the Paradise Papers. Four Corners interviewed Jim Killaly, a retired senior officer at the Australian Taxation Office, who worked on international tax issues for many years at the ATO.

Jim Killaly is now at the Australian National University and his collected thinking, almost 200 pages of it, can be found here. His paper, Fair Game: Is Australia Vulnerable or Getting Its Fair Share?, ‘proposes a systemic approach to policy and administration, including in relation to positioning Australia in the global economy, addressing the current performance of the Australian economy, evaluating the performance of Australia’s company tax regime, and in relation to the application of Australia’s transfer pricing rules to the facts and circumstances of particular cases’.

18 December 2017

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