Filling the policy vacuum: Menadue-M. Keating book launch

Today saw the launch by Ross Gittins of a collection of articles on potential new policy directions for Australia. The articles originally appeared on John Menadue’s blog, Pearls and Irritations, and a number of them were linked from Honest History.

The book is called Fairness, Opportunity and Security: Filling the Policy Vacuum, it is edited by John Menadue and Michael Keating and it is published by ATF Press at $45 in paperback and $65 in hardback (launch special price). Topics include democratic renewal, the role of government, foreign policy, the economy, retirement incomes, and more. Among the authors are Ken Henry, Ian Marsh, Stephen FitzGerald, Cavan Hogue, Richard Butler, Stuart Harris, Kim Williams and Susan Ryan.

5 November 2015