Dunera Association website gives an insight into an important part of Australia’s wartime history – and our history since

The Dunera Association has just launched its website. In May and June 1940, Winston Churchill’s government detained thousands of ‘enemy or dangerous aliens’, previously determined not to be a risk, in the belief that this would stop any spies among them from forming a ‘fifth column’ in the event of an invasion. They were to be interned in Britain or deported to Canada or Australia, where they would be held for the duration of the war …

And thereby hangs a tale, and an important one, both for the men concerned and for Australia. The new website links to many resources and there is other material on the Honest History website already: use our Search engine and note particularly the monumental book, Dunera Lives, by the late Ken Inglis, Jay Winter, and Seumas Spark, with Carol Bunyan.

9 July 2019


Internees, including Dunera boys, Tatura camp (NMA/AWM)