Dunera Association Melbourne event to mark 79 years

Update 20 July 2022: Dunera News No. 112, June 2022

Update 14 October 2021: Dunera News No. 111, October 2021

Update 7 July 2021: Dunera News No. 110, July 2021

Update 15 January 2021: Dunera News No. 109, January 2021.

Update 19 August 2020: Dunera News No. 108, August 2020.

Update 15 February 2020: Dunera News No. 107, February 2020, has news of reunions to mark 80 years since the Dunera voyage. Plus lots more.

The Dunera Association announces a reunion in Melbourne to mark 79 years of Dunera history. The date is 10 November and the details and RSVP are here. See also the Dunera Association website.

There is lots of material on the Honest History site regarding the Dunera and the Dunera diaspora. Use our Search engine. See particularly the memorable book, Dunera Lives: A Visual History (two volumes).


Internees, including Dunera boys, Tatura camp (NMA/AWM)

In July 1940, around 2000 refugees, most of whom were Jewish and from Germany or Austria, were sent from Britain to Australia on the HMT Dunera. The story of the “Dunera boys” is an intrinsic part of the history of Australia in the Second World War and in its aftermath. The injustice these men suffered in internment camps at Hay, Tatura and Orange is well known. Less familiar is the tale of what happened to them afterwards. (from the blurb to the book)

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