Dingwall, Doug: Australian War Memorial reverses plan to build on nature park

Doug Dingwall

Australian War Memorial reverses plan to build on nature park‘, Canberra Times, 6 August 2019

Front page story on hard copy. Reports that the Memorial has decided to confine its expansion-related car parking to the current boundaries of the Memorial, and not intrude on the Remembrance Nature Park. Includes remarks from Richard Thwaites, son of the original proponents of the Remembrance Park, Honor and Michael Thwaites, who warns that this retreat may not be the end of the matter.

Richard Thwaites was also interviewed on ABC Canberra on 6 August, where he also referred to the inappropriateness of the Memorial’s expansion plans in general and the potential of the Memorial’s Mitchell campus as the site for exhibiting large items of equipment – and much more cheaply. Response from Wayne Hitches, project manager at the Memorial, from about mark 13.0. Stakeholder management plan is coming, including consultation. Earlier reports on the Memorial’s shambling retreat from the Remembrance Park are in our campaign diary (entries for 30 July and 25 July).

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