Daley, Paul: Who should lead the Australian War Memorial?

Paul Daley

Who should lead the Australian War Memorial?ArtsHub, 2 September 2019

Criticises the suggestion that Tony Abbott might become Director of the Memorial, or even (perhaps) join its Council.

Like Anzac, the memorial has been immune to political challenge. It might seem contradictory when what the AWM needs most is a bit of parliamentary challenge to its direction and funding to recommend a non-political replacement for Nelson. But it is well over time for a professional arts administrator, with a broad mind and a Kevlar vest (metaphorical) to ward off all the incoming shots (ditto) that will come with challenging the dreary, now overly-sentimental status quo at Australia’s secular shrine.

Honest History has plenty of material on the direction of the Memorial and the composition of its Council. Use our Search engine with appropriate terms.

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