Daley, Paul: War and pieces

Paul Daley

War and pieces‘, The Global Mail, 9 November 2012 updated

Story of the pilfering (or, depending on your point of view, rescuing or taking as a legitimate trophy of war) of the Shellal Mosaic by members of the Australian Light Horse in Palestine in 1917 and how the mosaic came to be exhibited at the Australian War Memorial. The mosaic and associated bones are 1500 years old and seem something of an embarrassment to the Memorial; some people believe the mosaic and bones should be returned whence they came. Soldiers, whether ‘light-fingered’, mischievous, or of pure intent, can bequeath unusual problems for later generations.

Update 25 March 2018: Paul Daley in Guardian Australia has more on the same subject, including some quotes from Charles Bean 1918.

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