Daley, Paul: Renouncing Australia

Daley, Paul

The man who renounced Australia,’ Guardian Australia, 26 August 2014

The story of Murrumu Walubara Yidindji, formerly Jeremy Geia, who has ‘left’ Australia, while remaining within it, and who believes Yidindji laws, as the laws of the original inhabitants, should take precedence over the laws of white arrivistes.

The truth is that we were here before the British. The truth is that we hold sovereignty and dominion over these lands. The truth is that there’ve been genocide and multiple crimes against humanity and massacres committed on this land that haven’t been brought to … justice.

He is not declaring war on white Australia but ‘peacefully going back to my original law’.

Murrumu’s Yidindji land is on Skeleton Creek, the site of a massacre of Indigenous people, whose heads were cut off and placed on stakes. These deaths contributed to the perhaps upwards of 50 ooo killed in Queensland alone.

A further piece on Murrumu. Murrumu arrested and released without bail.

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