Daley, Paul: Peter FitzSimons gives republicanism a megaphone

Daley, Paul

Love him or hate him, Peter FitzSimons gives republicanism a megaphone‘, Guardian Australia, 24 February 2016

Looks at the rejuvenation of republicanism under Peter FitzSimons, including the support that has been extracted from most State premiers and chief ministers. Meanwhile, a recent opinion poll shows narrow support for a republic.

A French visitor with whom I was talking Australian history recently asked: “What will Australia be when it grows up?” That’s easy, I responded. It will be a place that has struck treaties with its first peoples as a sincere step to conciliation; gives all adults who love each other the legal right to marry; engenders a culture of respect for women; is not only tolerant but inclusive of minorities; has politicians who demonstrate genuine compassion to refugees and does not cynically demonise them. And much else besides … Oh yeah – and, of course, it’ll be a republic.

The article looks at flaws in previous republican campaigns (which meant opponents of republicanism had an easy run), presents FitzSimons’ views at length and looks at possible scenarios. FitzSimons appears elsewhere on the Honest History site as the author of popular war books (use our Search engine).

More detail on this subject in a series of articles from VG Venturini.

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