Daley, Paul: Canberra’s vision of the ideal city gets mired in ‘mediocrity’

Paul Daley

Story of cities #17: Canberra’s vision of the ideal city gets mired in “mediocrity”‘, Guardian, 7 April 2016

Long article for London Guardian about the history of Canberra. Daley has written a book on the city also. This piece brings out well how war, depression and bureaucracy nipped at the Griffins’ original vision. The final sentence may be new to even Canberra watchers and Canberra residents. ‘Only one of the structures that the pacifist Walter Griffin designed for Canberra was ever actually built on its intended site. And that is the grave for the general, [WT] Bridges, upon that hill at Duntroon.’

Paul Daley is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters and has written many pieces for the Honest History website (go to References by Author A-Z). Also: why Canberra houses don’t have front fences.

Update 31 July 2019: Tom Greenwell in Inside Story gives a historical perspective, looking back from today’s controversies about Canberra planning.

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