Daley, Paul: Beating the khaki drum: how Australian identity was militarised

Paul Daley

Beating the khaki drum: how Australian identity was militarised‘, Guardian Australia, 1 February 2018

Pulls together the themes of Anzackery, arms manufacturers inflicting advertising on Canberra airport users, and the same manufacturers donating to the Australian War Memorial – and the Memorial welcoming this money. ‘There’s a lot in our postcolonial social and political history to support a proposition that Australia has long sought to construct a national narrative around militarisation.’

References those Australians who believe the nation was born at Gallipoli, and, putting different views, Tim Costello, Geoffrey Serle, John Menadue (the War Memorial ‘has lost its way’), and Honest History’s David Stephens (‘the military-industrial-commemorative complex’).

Paul Daley and John Menadue are among Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Paul Daley has a chapter in The Honest History Book.


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