Crowley, Frank, ed.: A New History of Australia

Frank Crowley, ed.

A New History of Australia, William Heinemann, Melbourne, 1974; later edition 1986

A multi-author history intended to take the place of the Gordon Greenwood edited Australia from twenty years earlier. Twelve authors dealt with the years 1788 to 1972 in five to twenty-year chunks. Anzac Day is mentioned just once in 550 pages, although the World War I years receive the most detailed coverage, from Ian Turner, who writes:

It was perhaps the greatest tragedy of this tragic war that the future did not flower. Later, men would speak of the “ashes of victory”, would ask what the human sacrifice had meant, would question the motives of those who demanded that so many millions die. But, for most Australians who had lived through those years of insane destruction, it remained unhappily true that, for the first and only time, they had identified with a cause bigger than themselves and had known what it meant to be a man. (p. 349)

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