Centenary Watch: April 2014

[Links checked 26 October 2017 and some were found to be broken, due to removal of material from websites or simply the passage of time. Honest History may be able to help users track down resources. Please contact admin@honesthistory.net.au. HH]

Update 28 April 2014: State plans, commercialisation full on, corporate donors lagging

To help readers keep up with what is happening in the States, we’ve assembled a list of links with some hints on projects to look out for and think critically about:

  • NSW: 27 unpaid Anzac ambassadors; 12 artists currently in Turkey on painting and research trip leading to a travelling exhibition later;
  • Vic: three grants programs; commemorative renaming of places; students’ prizes; story-telling;
  • Qld: grants programs; students’ prize; cultural heritage program;
  • WA: focus on Albany; community grants funded by the WA state lottery; extended commemoration;
  • SA: Anzac Spirit school prize;
  • Tas.: grants program; register of community events;
  • NT: students’ study tour; naming initiative; community grants.

Meanwhile, on the ABC, Conor Duffy investigates the use of the ‘Anzac brand’ (transcript), historypunk has a great collection of commercial uses of Anzac and Michael Brissenden reports that corporate donations to the centenary seem to be lagging.

Update 3 April 2014: Minister announces results of Gallipoli Anzac Day 2015 ballot

The media release includes statistics about successful applicants and advice of a Lone Pine commemorative service for 6 August 1915.