Broinowski, Anna (dir).: Pauline Hanson: Please explain!

Broinowski, Anna (dir.)

Pauline Hanson: Please explain!SBS, 1 August 2016

Full video and supporting material of the documentary shown on SBS on 31 July. Another link.

The documentary moves back and forth between 1996 and more recently, interviewing many people closely involved with Hanson’s career, including Tracey Curro, David Etteridge, John Howard, Margo Kingston, Marcia Langton, David Oldfield, John Pasquarelli, and Hanson herself. The documentary shows how the object of Hanson’s Anglo-Celtic opposition has moved from Indigenous Australians and Asian immigrants to Muslims and Islam.

More on the making of the show. Similar. Review and comment in Guardian Australia by Jack Latimore and in Daily Review by Helen Razer.

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