Brendan Nelson denies commemoration fatigue

Ian McPhedran reports that Australian War Memorial director, Brendan Nelson, has denied that ‘commemoration fatigue’ is setting in during the centenary of Anzac.

Dr Nelson said it was important that people examined the Gallipoli campaign and other WW1 campaigns in greater detail than just the initial landings at Anzac Cove on April 25, 1915

“It’s extraordinarily important that Australians look beyond headlines and broad brushstrokes and that they appreciate that behind the 46,000 Australians who died in France and Belgium were real people with real lives.”

Dr Nelson’s remarks were in response to comments by Professor Joan Beaumont suggesting Australians were ‘switching off’. Professor Beaumont is quoted again in the piece. (Professor Beaumont is a distinguished supporter of Honest History.)

24 March 2015

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