Breen, Sally: Friday essay: the 90s – why you had to be there

Sally Breen

Friday essay: the 90s – why you had to be there‘, The Conversation, 9 June 2017

Review of – and thoughts provoked by – a new exhibition, Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990s, at the National Gallery of Victoria Australia until 1 October. The exhibition ‘is certainly contributing to a wave of recognition of this decade’.

If the exhibition is as gripping as the reviewer is breathless it should be fun. ‘And I guess that’s the beautiful charm and familiarity of this exhibition’, Ms Breen concludes. ‘Everything feels like you did it, like you might have seen it before, and you drift around with your mouth open, grateful, like a big blue whale everyone’s forgotten about in a sea of lovely plankton.’ OK.

David Stephens (who was already old in the 1990s)

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